Lizzie’s of Lexington to Partner with Hankerings Dressings

Our (Inevitable) Partnership

Lizzie’s of Lexington is excited to announce its partnership with Hankerings Dressings!

Its founder, Christine Murphy, is Liz Murphy’s daughter and operates her start-up salad dressing company out of a food incubator in Washington, DC.

Liz & Christine, after much thought, decided it was time we took a stand against the mediocrity of the dressing aisle.

Hankerings Dressings is all about bringing delicious flavor back into the kitchen, starting with our salads. With an unrelenting emphasis on using the highest-quality dairy, cheeses. fresh herbs & vegetables available.

Lizzie’s of Lexington knows that quality is the name of the game, and is excited to support a business that shares those values.

Available for sale in early summer 2019 will be Hankerings Dressings inaugural line – to include Garlic Head, Cosmic Blue & Habanero Goddess.

Hankerings Dressings is so excited to share these with you!

Joint Events to Come – We’ll Keep You Posted!

Hankerings Dressings is looking forward to a wonderful partnership with Lizzie’s – we’ll keep you posted on joint events, where we’ll showcase yummy dressing pairings to go with local, whole produce as well as college town favorites – like pizza & wings!

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Making A Difference with Dressing

3% percent of Hankerings Dressings profits will go toward helping those suffering from drug & alcohol addiction return to healthy & fulfilling lives.

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